OFR 03-195

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Lietz, A.C., compiler, 2003, Quality-Assurance Plan for Water-Quality Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Miami, Florida: Open-File Report 03-195, 72 p.


In accordance with guidelines set forth by the Office of Water Quality in the Water Resources Discipline of the U.S. Geological Survey, a quality-assurance plan has been created for use by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Miami to conduct water-quality activities. This quality-assurance plan documents the standards, policies, and procedures used by the Miami USGS for activities related to the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and publication of water-quality data. The policies and procedures that are documented in this quality-assurance plan for water-quality activities are meant to complement the Miami USGS quality-assurance plans for surface-water and ground-water activities.


Organization and Responsibilities
Organizational Chart
References Used
Program and Project Planning
Project Proposals
Project Workplan
Project Review
Review Schedules
Review Documentation
References Used
Water-Quality Laboratories
Selection and Use of Analytical Laboratory
Requirements for Use
Laboratories Used by the U.S. Geological Survey in Miami
Documentation for Laboratories Used by the U.S. Geological Survey in Miami
National Water-Quality Laboratory (NWQL)
Ocala Water-Quality and Research Laboratory (OWQRL)
Kentucky District Sediment Laboratory (KDSL)
References Used
Field Service Units and Laboratories, Mobile Labs, and Field Vehicles
Field Service Units and Laboratories
Equipment and Supplies
Mobile Labs and Water-Quality Field Vehicles
References Used
Water-Quality Instruments
Calibration Activities
References Used
Site Selection and Documentation
Site Selection
Surface Water
Ground Water
Other Sites
Site Documentation
Surface Water
Ground Water
Other Sites
References Used
Sample Collection and Processing
Constituents in Water
Field Measurements
Cleaning of Sampling nd Processing Equipment
Surface-Water Sampling
Equipment Selection
Sample Collection
Ground-Water Sampling
Equipment Selection
Sample Collection
Precipitation Sampling
Sample Processing
Sample Compositing and Splitting
Sample Filtration
Sample Preservation
Other Types of Water-Quality Samples
Biological Sampling
Suspended-Sediment and Bottom-Material Samples
Quality-Control Samples
Safety Issues
References Used
Water-Quality Sample Handling and Tracking
Preparation for Sampling
Onsite Sample Handling and Documentation
Sample Processing
Sample Shipment and Documentation
Sample Tracking Procedures
Chain-of-Custody Procedures for Samples
References Used
Water-Quality Data Management
Processing Data
Continuous Monitoring Data
Analytical Data
Non-National Water Information System Databases
Validation (Records Review)
Continuous Monitoring Data
Analytical Data
Data Storage
Records Archival
References Used
Publication of Water-Quality Data
Hydrologic Data Reports
Interpretive Reports
Other Data Outlets
References Used
Water-Quality Training and Reviews
References Cited
Internal Documents

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