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Lines are dashed where information was insufficient for an accurate estimate

Note: If an aquifer is selected from the ‘Filter by source of water’ menu the approximate inland extent of saltwater intrusion will be shown for that aquifer.

Filter by source of water
Filter applies to water salinity and isochlor layers only. The layers have to be checked in order to be filter.

East coast aquifers

West coast aquifers

Explanation: Water salinity

Symbol colors based on chloride concentration, in mg/L
Red color ≥1,000 (salty)
Orange color ≥250 and <1,000 (brackish)
LightBlue color <250 (fresh)

Symbol shapes based on changes in chloride concentration
Thin up arrow Up trend - past 5 years
Thin down arrow Down trend - past 5 years
Fat up arrow Up trend - past 20 years
Fat down arrow Down trend - past 20 years
Double headed arrow 5- and 20-year trends in opposite directions
No Trend No trend
Insufficient data Insufficient data for trend analysis

Symbol Size - Where more than one monitoring site is at the same location the sizes of symbols have been modified so that all can be seen.

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