Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Real-Time Groundwater Level Network

Explanation of symbols on the map.

Puerto Rico Network wells depicted on the Real-Time Groundwater Level Network location map
Note: Color shading in the table below indicates multiple wells that plot as a single point on the state location map above.
Note: BLS = Water Level in Feet Below Land Surface, RVD = Water Level referenced to a vertical datum

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AquiferSiteIDSite nameDate of most
recent measurement
Water level
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer175734066233300ALOMAR OESTE WELL, SANTA ISABEL, PR 1/20/202210-24%  16.60 BLS
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer175858066100200JUA 5 WELL, GUAYAMA, PR 1/20/2022<10%  62.86 BLS
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer175910066155500PIEZOMETER RASA D, SALINAS, PR 1/20/202210-24%  49.45 BLS
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer175934066364800CONSTANCIA 3 WELL, PONCE, PR 1/20/202225-75%  10.95 BLS
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer175947066130601PIEZOMETER AGUIRRE HW 5B, SALINAS, PR 1/20/2022Low  32.35 BLS
   Guayanilla Alluvial Aquifer180052066471000MER 3 WELL, GUAYANILLA, PR 1/20/202210-24%   9.27 BLS
   South Coastal Plain Alluvial Aquifer180057066311300PIEZOMETER JAC-6, JUANA DIAZ, PR 1/20/2022Low  24.82 BLS
   Guanica Alluvial Aquifer180122066560300ARENAS 1 WELL, GUANICA, PR 1/20/2022Not ranked   7.89 BLS
   Esperanza Alluvial Aquifer180559065280501VIEQUES A1 WELL, VIEQUES, PR 1/20/2022Not ranked  13.23 BLS
   Humacao-naguabo Alluvial Aquifer181217065453000PIEZOMETER CA-1, NAGUABO, PR 1/20/202276-90%   5.23 BLS
   Volcanic Rocks Aquifer181301067081900CE-RUM2 OBSERVATION WELL, MAYAGUEZ CAMPUS, PR 1/20/2022Low   6.46 BLS
   Caguas-juncos Valley Alluvial Aquifer181352066025300PIEZOMETER CAGUAS-JUNCOS 19A, CAGUAS, PR 1/20/202225-75%  23.20 BLS
   North Coast Limestone Aquifer, Lower182133066342800FLORIDA 7 WELL, FLORIDA, PR 12/15/2021Low 133.60 BLS
  182224065430300MW 11 WELL, LUQUILLO, PR 1/20/2022Not ranked  11.72 BLS
   Alluvium, Coastal182515065594100PIEZOMETER CAMPO RICO 1, CAROLINA, PR 1/20/202276-90%   5.25 BLS
   North Coast Limestone Aquifer, Upper182515066194000PONDEROSA 1 WELL, VEGA ALTA, PR 1/20/202276-90%  64.83 BLS
   North Coast Limestone Aquifer, Upper182549066304300USGS 166 OBSERVATION WELL, MANATI, PR 1/20/202225-75%  23.06 BLS
   North Coast Limestone Aquifer, Upper182637066475900PALOMA 3 WELL, HATILLO, PR 1/20/2022Not ranked 311.84 BLS
   North Coast Limestone Aquifer, Upper182639066385200SANTANA 1 WELL, ARECIBO, PR 1/20/202225-75% 101.55 BLS
  174303064484400ADVENTURE 28 WELL, ST. CROIX, USVI 1/20/202225-75%  29.85 BLS
  182038064550300GRADE SCHOOL 3 WELL, ST. THOMAS, USVI 1/20/202225-75%  13.00 BLS
  182044064454900SUSANNABERG DPW 3 WELL, ST. JOHN, USVI 1/20/202225-75%  17.58 BLS