Live Watercam at Anclote River near Elfers (02310000)

This webcam is operated in cooperation with:

Pasco County

NOTE: The time stamp at the bottom of the webcam pictures are in Eastern Standard Time, so during Daylight Savings Time months you should add 1 hour to the time you see. The camera image will "time out" in your browser window after a few mintues in order to save bandwidth. If that happens, your camera image will turn all grey. Just use the browser refresh button or command to bring back the live image.

Live Watercam, Time-lapse Video

Click here to view live video.

Instructions: You can click on the calendar icon, at the right-bottom of image, to pick a date for instant rewinding. Then, click on the Play icon to start the video. Other options could appear when the video image is expanded.

Current Stage and Discharge

River Flow (Discharge)

Stage (Gage Height)

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